Duplex Apartment by ZZ Architects

Duplex Apartment by ZZ Architects
Wooden Room - Bangalore Duplex Apartment by ZZ Architects
Wooden Room - Bangalore Duplex Apartment by

Wooden Room – Bangalore Duplex Apartment

Duplex Apartment :

This duplex is designed for one of the largest property developers in Bangalore. The apartment is located in a palace complex known as Huertas and spans 8000 square meters located on the floor 6 and 7, which offers a view of almost the entire city spread below. The house is a direct reflection of the family living in it, and ideologies that architects ZZ as a company believe in. Each space was created and solely on its own merits. All treatments, such as wall coverings, paint, stone finishes are closely linked to the notion of space being designed. Characteristics of the person occupying the space were considered in the design of the individual spaces.
A well-finished wood and marble staircase connects the duplex levels and public and private spaces.

Formal Living: It is designed as a space overlooking the Spartan green dense foliage patterns of CV Raman Institute. Sheet motifed silk wall coverings were used. The walls were covered with marble halfway and the integration of niches to keep the idols of Ganesh that the family has been collecting for years.
Informal area: The lounge is a large space designed to entertain a group of close friends and family. It is separated from the terrace by a curtain of water-water cascading down a glass. The formal living room is sparsely decorated and has holes for candles. The main palette of natural materials including oiled walnut travertine and silk cover on the wall.
Dining: The dining table has a rectangular onyx and wood. A rectangular container attached to the end, adds that extra dimension to what is essentially a flat piece. The table is facing a huge window that opens to a large, outside the green area and offers a glimpse into the outside world.

Master bedroom: The master bedroom is on the upper level. At one end of this room is a bed of wood and illuminated onyx interior that functions as a light source at night.
The oldest daughter of House: This room has an eternal and ethereal composition. Onyx is used as part of the furniture, thus releasing a sensation of heat into space. The focus here is irregular bed, built with two different materials. The lowest level is based on a wooden platform elevated timber, more onyx rests on the ground.
Room Girl: It has been designed keeping in mind this is a big fan of Michael Schumacher. In this room, furniture, wooden wardrobe, bed and desk are designed to look like one, huge piece of furniture instead of individual units.
Parents of the room parents’ room is on the 6th level. It is ideally designed to be simple and offer the largest open space possible. The overall atmosphere of the room is relaxing and comfortable.
Bedroom: Bed and Breakfast, located on the 6th floor, is designed to be enjoyable and comfortable. The color palette reflects a sense of welcome.

The pièce de résistance is the terrace on the top off the master bedroom and family room. It is designed to encourage guests to enjoy open views of the city of Bangalore. Wooden slats arranged in a roof that juts out unevenly on the terrace, below which lies outside the breakfast room. A body of water is provided at one end to ease the senses. It is also used for sound and visual sensation.
The bathrooms feature a mix of materials such as Bisazza mosaic, travertine and wood.
Deliberate thought was exercised in all aspects of design considered for this house. The colors were always intended to be warm and cozy. It is a very contemporary, with much emphasis on small details, even those that have. “

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