Spectacular Alley’s House in Maine

Spectacular Alley’s House in Maine
Kirstie Alley Entrance

Kirstie Alley is one artist who had to fight very hard to maintain her career in Hollywood. She first appeared as Rebecca Howe, on “Cheers” in 1987. Then, in the 2000s she appeared rarely due to her weight problem. But, in 2011 she won 2nd place of “Dancing with the Stars”. After that, Alley launched organic weight loss product named Organic Liaison. But sales of this product were not too successful.


Kirstie Alley ever had interior design career in Los Angeles. Let’s take a look at her house in Isleboro, Maine. This house is now on market for $1.75 million. Originally, Alley’s house was priced $2.35 million. Then in 2011 the price dropped to $1.99 million. That was a pretty drastic decline in luxury home price.


Kirstie Alley’s house is really a luxurious cottage. This house measures 3,140 square feet. There are five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Alley’s house also has multiple fireplaces and wooden style kitchen. This house even has a dock and a private beach. Yes, Alley’s house is overlooking to ocean. We only can reach this house by ferry. What a spectacular house it! However, Alley’s house is very contrary to the Alley’s career. Just hopping Alley’s life was as beautiful as this house.

Image Credit: Celebrity Net Worth

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