Modern Home - The Miller Carr Residence

Modern Home – The Miller Carr Residence

If you have such confusion about the right place to spend your holiday or your honeymoon, you do not need to worry now. You can find your right place for spending your special moment by visiting LLB Architects. They will show you their special design home stay cottage for rent.


The home stay cottage named as Miller/Carr Residence is located in very special place. It is set amid a large forest combined with natural rocky soil. The Miller/Carr residence is built with very classy cedar wood combined with natural stone tiles. The floor is made of hardwood which will be very warm on autumn or winter. The wall is 80% made of transparent glass combined with 20% of wood. It will ease you to enjoy the surrounding in very natural way. This house is very private and secure. You must be very happy renting it for your upcoming holiday.


LLB Architects has made a very beautiful house for rent located among the trees and rocks which is far away from busy and polluted city. The Miller/Carr Residence is very appropriate for you who are looking for quiet, warm, private, modern, but very close to nature cottage.

Images Credit: John Horner Photography