Top 3 Features Every Luxury Home Needs To Sell For A Good Price

To achieve the best price for your home you need to have certain fixtures as standard. These will add a sense of luxury to your home and have prospective buyers willing to pay more. Don’t go overboard and install expensive items that won’t add any capital value. A crystal chandelier or marble bench tops for example. The idea is to enhance your home with everyday items that add a sense of luxury as standard. And thus give your home a luxury price tag.

1. Alarm System

alarm system
A home alarm system will increase the value of your home. Not only do home alarms offer the buyers security, the buyers will have cheaper insurance. Insurance companies offer as much as 20% discount on policies. This is a good selling point for you agent. Also buyers are willing to invest more in a safe and secure home. People don’t put a figure personal and family safety. Which makes a higher price for your home achievable.

If buyers are deciding between two homes, an installed alarm is a definite stand-out feature. People resonate on a very personal level with the security and protection of their home and loved ones. It also gives the buyers an incentive in buying your home, as they do not have to spend any extra on security.

Additional Home Security Features

  • Motion-detected exterior lighting
  • Deadbolts on all exterior doors
  • Keyed window locks
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Video doorbell systems

All of these features shows a commitment of time, money and effort. Which together add investment and capital that will be returned in purchase price. Not only that but buyers value not having to do any of these security features themselves and are quite happy to pay extra.

2. Wall Mounted TV

wall tv install

Home entertainment systems bring extra value to a home. But be smart about how you present your homes entertainment. There is no need to go out and purchase the most expensive system with surround sound and projectors. Simply mounting a large TV on the wall will give the look of a home entertainment system without having to overcapitalise.

It will give your home a cinematic feel and buyers can easily visualise themselves using the space for home entertainment. Which in this day and age is common practice. Equally appealing with a wall mounted TV is the flow and look it gives your living room. It will make the space appear bigger and not cluttered. And space equals money more than anything else when it comes to home prices. The more spacious feel you can give your home the better price you can achieve. Make sure you have a professional install your wall mounted TV. This way you will not have loose hanging cords or wires. And your brackets will be fixed correctly avoiding any danger of the TV falling.

3. Ducted Vacuum System


central ducted vacuumDucted Vacuum systems are increasing in popularity every year. Luxury homes should have them as standard and homes that want to achieve million dollar plus price tags should also install these systems. Ducted Vacuums can be installed in new, renovated and existing homes. They provide a great incentive to the buyer when considering your home. The cost for ducted vacuum systems can be anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000 and will depend on factors like size of property and one or two storeys. But the value it will add to your home will be much, much more than this.

Ducted Vacuum Systems are considered a luxury feature and can justify a higher price for your home. They will also play a factor in buyers comparing your home to others and help your stand out from the rest. Real estate agents will always list ducted vacuum systems on the property listings and use it as a selling tool to potential buyers.


Luxury Home and Luxury Price Tag

By investing in these luxury home features you will be much more likely to achieve a higher selling price for your home. It will also mean your home can be described by real estate agents as a luxury home. Which attracts a range of buyers more willing to pay a higher price. The total spend for all of these items can be done for less than $10,000. But the return on your investment can be five to ten times this at least. It is so important to spend on the right items in your home to increase the homes value. If you these 3 features you can’t go wrong.

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